About the NLA

NLA Purpose and Goal

Our purpose is to provide your company with the best possible point-of-sale financing solutions so your customers can and do purchase your products and services.

Sometimes your customers have all the money needed to purchase your offerings, but often this is not the case.

Like it or not, being able offer financing very often plays a vital roll in the success of your business.

That is our goal — for you to have the success in business that you deserve.

NLA Founder and Managing Partner

Thomas Clapp -Managing Partner

I formed the National Lending Association (NLA) in 2019 when I realized that there were companies that wanted to offer financing to their customers but didn’t know where to start.

Additionally, many of my business contacts who did have financing programs in place, particularly in various medical fields, were paying exorbitant fees for these services, greatly cutting into their bottom line.

I then extensively researched point-of-sale financing solutions so as to determine which were the most dependable, easy to use and cost effective.


With years of sales and financing experience, I know that it is important to be able to provide financing to customers right at the point of the sale. Otherwise, potential buyers often leave and never come back. Any salesperson will confirm this fact.

I also know, having dealt with many small business owners, that they usually don’t have the time or interest to find out all the available options when it comes to point-of sale financing. And more importantly, the available financing products and services are continuously changing with new products becoming available all the time. To stay on top of this takes continuous work and evaluation of new products as they come out.

In fact, this is how we earn our membership fees — by making sure that you have the best possible financing solutions for your business. We know if you close one or two additional sales a year as a result of being an NLA member that our membership fees are easily covered. But if you make 5, 10 or more additional sales as a result, then you will be very pleased that you are a member.

Economic Security

In 2008 when the US economy crashed, many of my associates experienced great hardship as credit was scare and selling their products and services was not easy. They should have had a back up plan in place and different methods of financing established. However, without this, it was was a difficult time for many.

Being a member of the NLA is not only a workable solution to your current financing needs, the NLA is a helpful partner in any future economic down turn. As an expanding membership organization we are able to negotiate better terms on financing products for our members. And, the more we grow, the stronger we become in this regard.

NLA Membership

I hope this gives you a bit of understanding of what we provide to our members. You can start with a free membership which includes a complimentary financing consultation. If you decide to become a paying member of the National Lending Association, we will do our part to help you prosper in the coming years.

You should also know as a member of the NLA that there is no risk or long-term contract. If you are not 100% pleased with what we do, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Good luck and feel free to contact us with any questions.

– Thomas Clapp, NLA Founder and Managing Partner